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Sunday, June 12, 2016

A Non-Guide to JEE Counseling 2016

First of all a statutory warning: This post is really not about telling you how to choose IIT and a program, and is full of sarcasm. If you feel hurt by sarcasm, please do not read further. You have been warned.

Congratulations on your success, on winning the rat race. There are still a few days before you start filling up the choices in the order of your preference. Choices of which program in which Institute, etc. So what do you plan to do in these few days so that you are ready with your list.

First, rue your performance. Unless you are JEE number 1. Tell the whole world how you deserved a much better rank. How that day you had a slight headache, or the invigilators wasted your 30 seconds in making the announcements twice which they were supposed to make only once, or they took your paper away 1.3 seconds before they took others'. Or you were so stressed because you didn't know you were not supposed to wear a full sleeves shirt on the fateful day. This will not change anything, of course. Your rank will remain the same. But your true friends will respect you even more if they know that you are not merely a person better than 99.99 percent of your cohorts, but a person better than 99.991 percent of your cohorts.

Having established that JEE is a poor quality exam which cannot place gems like you at the right position, get down to the business of telling everyone how great you are. Call every friend, family, neighbours, and relatives. Post it on Facebook (which has other advantages as we will soon see). Of course, don't forget to order tonnes of Laddoos and of course, share a Coke to share your happiness. In our days, we used to have Limca before Limca and Limca after Limca.

The problem is that all these people who come to your house will have a few questions and tonnes of advice. How you wish that all these people will just come, take a laddoo, drink coke, and leave and of course, tell the story of your great success in that exam called JEE to everyone else in town, including the bit about how the poor quality exam couldn't really recognize your talent fully. But they will stay on and ask those questions and give that advice. So you need to be ready.

Number Two, Create your passion or at least interest. I know it is difficult. You wouldn't even know if Kota has a cinema hall or an industry. Studying for JEE would not have given you any time to explore your interests. But it really isn't as difficult as it sounds. If you are in the top 500 ranks, just remember that your first toy was a computer, and you have been on the Facebook for the last 3 weeks, ever since the JEE Advanced was over. If someone tells you that this does not prove your interest in computers, tell them that you know the names of all programming languages, that you are logical which is good enough evidence that you will do well in computers. On the other hand, if your rank is between 500 and 1000, it is reasonably safe to tell people how you are so excited about owning the iPhone 6, and how you actually opened up the PC one day (hide the fact that you got a scolding from Dad since you had no clue how to close the box). All this will convince anyone that ECE is your real passion. Beyond that, robotics is a very safe passion. It can lead you to CS, or Electrical or Mechanical. Rank beyond that, physics should become your favorite subject, and if you are so good at Physics, you would obviously be good at Mechanics, and by extension Mechanical Engineering. If you are a 2000-ranker, then switch your interest to Chemistry which has so much overlap in its spelling with Chemical, so your passion becomes very obvious. There will be some who will see through this. If Physics is your interest, why not study Engineering Physics. If Maths is your strong point, may be you should consider Maths and Computing programs. And for Chemistry, maybe IISERs would be options worth considering. Just take out your phone from the pocket, and loudly proclaim that it is your uncle from US calling, and go out of the room.

Three, Sort all choices in order of last year's closing ranks. This will do two things. Convince everyone of your interest in computers. You know sorting, which is an extremely important problem in Compooters. Second, it gives you the order in which you should be filling up your choices. After all, the students, the parents, and the whole Internet (particularly quora) couldn't be wrong. Don't even think about the possibility that last year too, everyone filled up the choices based on previous year's closing ranks.

But you should be seen as doing due diligence. This is, after all, the most important decision of your life. And you shouldn't only follow the right methodology (which is, of course, to follow the last year's closing ranks), but should be seen as actively trying to do due diligence.

Four, Ask for placement data on quora. Quora is obviously the most trustworthy source of all important data (which most placement offices do not even release). People on quora will claim that the "best" IIT had only 99% of its job offers from within India, while the other run-of-the-mill IITs had a huge 99.5% of their job offers from within India. And this huge difference (which you should trust since it is on quora) is the best predictor of the success of ALL students of that IIT over the next 50 years of career. Quora will also tell you that the average offer in IIT-1 was Rs. 15 lakhs, while it was Rs. 14.8 lakhs in IIT-2. That the percentage of students placed is 93% in IIT-3 versus 92.5% in IIT-4. These huge differences can not be because of different way of computing these numbers, and of course, could not be questioned because they are on quora, and the only significance of these differences is that IIT-1 is better than IIT-2, and IIT-3 is better than IIT-4. (Don't even think about what happens if IIT-3 is same as IIT-2, and IIT-4 is same as IIT-1. We will come up some other metric to justify which ever IIT you want to join.)

Five, Arm yourself with other very important facts. Metro cities have more than 1000 restaurants, while other big cities have only 100 restaurants. And having a larger number of restaurants will force you to become an expert in evaluating choices and taking decisions when the number of options is very very large. And these skills will obviously help you in your career. You could also count the number of movie halls, but that is not very impressive since every screen is going to show "Udita Punjab" anyway. A bigger city would mean that you need to fight for your space in public transport and your career is nothing but a fight for your survival. The hair saloons in big cities will develop your personality so much better than the barber in the hostel of that small town IIT. On the other hand, if you are seriously considering a smaller town, you could read about the pollution numbers or just make them up. Who will know the difference anyway. You can also find out if the boys to girl ratio is 90:10 or 89:11. You can gather all these and more from quora or go to your coaching center. Believe in their wisdom. If they can get you through JEE, they know it all. (Oops, it is not clear whether they got you through. Normally, all successes are mine, and all failures are others'. So may be you passed JEE not because of coaching but your hard work and intelligence.) And come to think of it, since you are not particularly keen on facts being true or relevant, you don't need to go through quora for them. Facebook would be just fine.

And if all this does not convince some uncle that you have actually done due diligence, just ask them what their JEE rank was in their youth. That almost always works.

Six, Ask your Dad to contact me. I reply very quickly if someone my age contacts me and that is the only reason why mostly dads ask me questions. They may not have foggiest of the idea about what you want, but that does not matter. At the end of the day, or the week, they will sit with you when you login to the counseling portal, will give their mobile number and email address lest you should do something without their involvement, and they will tell you the order in which you should put your choices. So they need to do due diligence as well, and they would have followed exactly the steps outlined above.

Seven, some more questions to ask on quora:
  • Is there an MBA coaching place near IIT. You know that IIT is just a degree for you, a membership of the alumni association. The real action (read, real money) is after IIMs.
  • In which IIT, the professors give easy grades, is attendance compulsory. (So that you can do proper time management, another useful skill for the career. Avoid classes and build personality.) And of course, this information is easy to get, verifiable and can be completely trusted. The companies would love it when you say that you are a very focused person, the only thing you look at is the short term profit for yourself.
  • Which IIT allows you Internet access 24x7 to play those multi-user games which develop so many skills of coordination and team work.
There are many more things that I could suggest that you do in the next few days. But you also need time to deal with all those uncles. So this much homework for now. More when you take my class.


Unknown said...

Message taken sir... but will surely appreciate followup post on CS education like last year.
Your favourite IIT Gandhinagar is starting a CS program apparently under an Ex IIIT Hyderabad Prof. what would you recommend?
Will wait for another post on the matter sir,
respectfully yours
a parent!

Sunil Bajpai said...

Loved it! 😃

VP said...

Extremely witty and true at the same time. Very nice read indeed.
About the big city-small town issue, my comment is that students shouldn't think at that level at all! An IIT campus (well, true for at least the older IITs) is completely self-contained with all that you can ever imagine you'd need! That apart, in smaller towns you have complete freedom of movement, lower prices (generally) and a beautiful countryside to explore! I study at IIT Bombay and I can't wait to get out of this silly rush and hit the country roads!
- Student, IIT-B

Prasoon Varshney said...

A brilliant post! :)
Though sadly, many won't even get the ubiquitous sarcasm even after the explicit mention in the beginning of the post. *sigh*

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

Dear Mr. Bakshi, I think you should look at all faculty, and not just the senior most. What I like about IIT-GN is that they waited for first recruiting CS faculty before starting the program. And knowing them, I am sure they will do a good job. But comparing them with others is difficult. There are obvious risks in any new program, and that is why elsewhere I have said that in these matters you need to trust the leadership.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

nice post sir, really enjoyed. But, that is the today's students and parents for you.
Keep educating like this and hope next generations will be far wiser than present.

Unknown said...

Respected Dr Sanghi Sir,

Pl give ur advice about my son , he has got JEE main score 148 and JEE Advanced (CRL 22500) Instrumentation branch ( after round2) in Thapar University , Patiala if he gets Comp Sc in LNMIIT , Jaipur which will be better for career ?
Previous academic record is Class X 95 % (with 99 in Comp Sc ) and Class XII 93 %

Secondly if he studies 1st year at Thapar then applies for Lateral entry from 3rd semester onwards will it be Ok ?

pl guide us.
Anuj Gupta

Unknown said...

Probably, this year I'm going to attend your class. I have simply been mesmerised with the content you write on your blog and on your quora answers. I am hoping for IITK CSE.

Your previous guide to JEE counseling was really helpful and it was one of the reasons that I narrowed down on IITK CSE. (I was in a dilemma). Thank you Sir!

Unknown said...

Hahaha Sarcasm at its best.

Vikram said...

Nice read, but we what else does one expect with a rat race like setup for college admissions in the first place ?

Saurabh Joshi said...

"And of course, when you do not get the branch or the IIT that you preferred, you should say how that one uncle and professor opened your eyes about "scope" in that particular branch and how the institute you got admitted to is way better in spirit than those hyped up, old and orthodox IITs :D."

Wow! A brilliant sarcastic piece! Can't wait to read the sequel of this one about "A Non-guide to IIT freshers" :-)

Unknown said...

On point.I am laughing at myself at this point!!:D

lkpatel said...

Thank you sir. Your post is informative and helps in taking decision. Sir which one would you prefer for pursuing B.Tech in CSE: 1/ IIIT Bhubaneswar OR 2/LNMIIT Jaipur

with kind regards

Unknown said...

Dear sir,
Pl give your opinion on computer science program at iit indore


First time I visited your blog. Beautifully written with full of humour.
My son cleared JEE advanced with a rank 2165. He wishes to do Physics BS or BS-MS programme or Engineering Physics and pursue research as career. I also feel it is better.
For his rank I hope he will get a chance in IIT Kanpur, IIT Chennai, but not in IIT Mumbai. Now our dilemma - which is better - IIT Kanpur or IIT Mumbai for Physics programme?
Some says it is IIT Kanpur and some "uncles" suggest IIT Chennai. Chennai is nearer to us. Hectic but enjoyable time of discussion with new contacts. Please give your suggestion.

sbharti said...

"Three, Sort all choices in order of last year's closing ranks. This will do two things. Convince everyone of your interest in computers. You know sorting, which is an extremely important problem in Compooters. Second, it gives you the order in which you should be filling up your choices"

brilliant choice of words and what actually goes through counselling.. I filled up my forms exactly like this.. (although back then computers were not in our homes).. computers were fascinating piece of work.. it had to be computers.. I picked computer science over metro IITs like delhi and bombay.. lol

Unknown said...

Sir, I am a keen follower of your blog since last one year when I first appeared for jee mains/advanced.
As my jee advanced rank was 8587 last year, I opted for IIIT, Allahabad - Amethi Campus. This year my jee advanced rank is 3807 and BITSAT score is 303. Subjects that fascinate me are computer science and physics. I am confused whether I should continue in IIIT or should I consider the following:
- At my rank, I can get Engineering Physics at Roorkee (which is logistically convenient), Guwahati, Hyderabad and a dual degree course at BHU.
- I can get CS or Electrical/Electronic branches in new/newer IITs, but not sure whether any of these would be worth for me to leave my present institute.
- Should I opt for MSc Biology at BITS, Goa aiming a slide to CS/Physics next year which I consider reasonably attainable.
- I also wonder whether Materials Science and Engg at IIT Kanpur could be opted for, given the flexibility in course curriculum. Then there is lateral entry option for engg science at end of first year for which I could not find any information.

Sir, your guidance will be of immense help.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

Congratulations, @Megha. Why not send me an email since I will need to ask many questions and understand your motivation for leaving the current place.

Unknown said...

Respected sir,
My name is Poojan. My jee advance rank is 2420.
Since I had "technical subjects" in school.I am more interested in MECHANICAL SUBJECT.I have family business of marketing of Mechanical Equipments and I MAY join the business in future.
As per last year cut off I may get admission in Mechanical engineering (IIT Guwahti) and in Manufacturing Engineering in IITKGp. I am confuse if I should join MFG science instead of Mech Engineering for IIT Kharagpur?
(1) Is Manufacturing Engineering more advance line to go with?or I should stick to Mechanical engineering as subject?
(2) I will go for MS/Mtec for specialization.

So am I taking more risk in selection MFG sci by DILUTING Mechanical Engineering

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

Congratulations, @Poojan. In disciplines other than CS, my knowledge is limited. So give more weight to advice from sources who are in this field. My limited understanding is that the difference between the two is not advanced versus basic, but perhaps more breadth will be covered in a typical Mechanical program and Manufacturing would perhaps be more depth. If that be the case (do verify), my preference is that you should go for a narrower education only if you are sure that you really want to specialize in that field. Otherwise at the under-graduate level, broader education is to be preferred.

I wouldn't term studying Manufacturing as a risk. Overall, both the programs would be of interest to you. (But, do ask others in the field.)

Unknown said...

Hello sir,
My daughter got a rank of 1585 in jee advanced. she is intending to join iit indore in computer science program. will you recommend that program for her or there are better options available for her rank. she is interested in computer science only. she got 362 marks in bitsat and likely to get bits hyderbad campus in computers. her score in jee mains is 229. she may get a dual degree program in IIIT hyderabad.
pl suggest different alternatives for her marks.
It will be immenssely useful to parents and teachers, if you kindly give relative rankings for different iits for cs programs.
thank you sir
adrm / hyderabad division / indian railways

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Raj Kumar, There can be no linear order of institutes which are so diverse. Different students would care for different strengths of these institutes. While I talk about faculty quality as the most important parameter for judging the quality of teaching and learning, I realize that for some students, distance from home may be a more important criteria, or student life and enjoyment may be more important, or diversity of disciplines may be more important or ability to do a minor in psychology may be more important. Even within the faculty profile, while I can make some guess about an overall profile, some may be very keen on a specialization within CS, so they may prefer a place which has many security experts or machine learning experts. There is also this issue of pluses and minuses of narrowly focused institutes versus institutes with broader focus. So one has to take all recommendations with a huge pinch of salt and consider them from one's own perspectives.

Having said that, I believe that IIIT-Hyderabad has a good faculty profile, good program, etc. On the other hand, IIT Indore has been able to make a decent beginning by hiring some quality faculty, but it will take time for them to become good sized department.

aditya said...

respected sir, my air in jee adv 2016 is 3520. i'm thinking about taking material science and eng at IITK and then try for department change. could you clearly state rules of depc at IITK ?also i'm interested in maths and computing, how many students are accepted in M&C via depc and what is the cut off in CGPA for moving from material sc and eng to M&C?

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Aditya, I am afraid I cannot suggest that you depend on branch change for getting your preferred branch. If that happens, well and good, but don't depend on it. The rules are in IIT JEE Brochure.

Unknown said...

I do follow your FB profile(I have also msged you on FB). They are good. But unfortunately I cannot comment.:(
This was the first blog I have read on this site. Awesome!!! It cannot get any better.

Seeing my JEE rank gave me a huge shock.(I was expecting around 9k and I got one about 19k). I had decided my college preference in that rank range(It was extremely easy. IIIT D CS > IIIT A IT > IIIT D CSAM ->(DTU and NSIT)).

My current options->

NIT Durgapur IT
NIT Hamirpur CS
BIT Mesra IT
IIIT Gwalior
IIIT Jabalpur
IIIT Kanch
IIIT, Allahabad - Amethi Campus
University of Hyderabad
All the other new IIITs
All other relatively lower ranking NITs

Interests - Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Robotics, Research in Intelligent Tutoring System, Interested in start-up (general statement - I love building things.)

I have no idea about how to decide my preferences among the choices available to me.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Siddharth, Check faculty in all the options that you are seriously considering. You would clearly remove some of them from your list on that basis. It is very difficult for me to know all the details of all these colleges. I don't think there is admission to Amethi campus this year. Please check.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@lkpatel, LNMIIT, Jaipur.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Radhakrishna, Engineering Physics is typically applied and includes courses from other areas like electronics. Kanpur program is more pure physics. This is of course a layman's way of looking at the program, but I don't know anything better. You may want to talk to people in Physics to get to know more authentic information.

Unknown said...

Respected Sir,
I have a peculiar case. I want to study CS+ Maths and I am more job oriented. I am getting admission in ISI (B.Math at Bengaluru) and BITS Pilani and have the option to study both CS and Maths in either of the institute. If i go to ISI , I aim to complete MS in CS from a foreign university after B.Math. Is it genuinely possible to do so? Else at Bits Pilani I aim to study CS+ Maths in a five year dual course? What will be the right choice and what other options can I try? Please guide me as soon as possible.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Ayushraj, both ISI and BITS are great places. So you have a good problem at hand. If you look at the strengths of the places, ISI is really strong in Maths, and BITS is strong in engineering (and CS in particular). Bachelors in Maths from ISI and MS in CS from a good foreign university will be great - get the best of both worlds, except that you need to ensure that you do sufficient number of core CS courses while doing the bachelors in Maths. Also, is that Bachelor's degree a 3-year program or a 4-year program. If it is a 3-year program, you may have difficulty in getting admission in many US universities. So if the ISI program ia a 4-year program and it has sufficient exposure to Computer Science, then you will be able to go to US for an MS in CS. The BITS Pilani combination on the other hand is a safe combination (I am assuming that admission to the dual degree is guaranteed to you).

Unknown said...

Sir, ISI offers a 3 years course. What other options can I try after in CS if not MS? Very limited universities in US admits bachelors with 3 year courses. Plus, i don't want to go permanently into research.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your answer sir!

In spite of the fact that I have already locked my choices, I would like to know more about CS in NITs and IIITs.
IIITs like Jabalpur, Gwalior,Siri City, Kach and most of the other new IIITs have awesome faculty qualification . Most of them have P.hD and M.Tech from IIT and a few have their degrees from IISc. On the other hand, I found the qualification of NITs faculty a bit below average. Most of them are from a popular local university. Like NIT KKR have lot of faculty from Kurukshetra University and NIT KKR. At NITs, a lot of faculty are still pursuing their P.hD.(I'm too young and inexperienced to judge the faculty from their research).
I found the curriculum of CS in IIITs much better than that in NITs.(Most NITs didn't mention it)

In Spite of such differences in faculty and curriculum, NITs have better placements and a lot more competitive closing rank. Apart from 1-2 IIITs, most of them don't have recognition in major of the population(In particular parents).

Why is this so?
What should a computer enthusiastic person prefer in such case? And Why?
How could I have convinced my parents to place IIITs(Jabalpur, Kanc, Gwalior) above other NITs( like Hamirpur, KKR, Durgapur)?

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Siddharth Yadav, As long as you keep talking of placement, you can't take a reasonable decision. Placement statistics is so horribly wrong, it is not funny. Most NITs don't give out their placement stats (full disclosure, not just average). I think someone should do a PhD on how perceptions are managed about colleges. There used to be this saying that you can fool some people all the time, and all people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time. Looking at placement stats of a few "popular" places including IITs, I can only say that you can indeed fool most people most of the time. I don't know how I can convince you not to think of placement. And unless you get convinced, you can't convince your parents.

Unknown said...

I'm really grateful for the answer.

What about judging the faculty from the college they have taken their P.hDs?

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Siddharth Yadav, Judging the faculty from the college of their PhD is a good indicator, but of course can be used only when the comparison is rather clear. In one case, most people are from top places and the other case, most people are from average places. You won't be able to compare IIT Kanpur with IIT Delhi using this method, but you can compare an IIT with an NIT easily.

Unknown said...

Based on all the factors mentioned here and in other places, I can conclude that IIITs(Jabalpur, Kanch, Gwalior) are better than NITs(KKR, DPG, Hamirpur).

Thanks Heaps, Sir!

Unknown said...

Dear dhiraj sahani ji...nice to have your advise for students. My daughter got 5475 rank in IIT adv. Bits score 360. She has to opt one out of the following. 1) IIT- Indor civil 2) BITS pilani - E& I, 3) IIIT hyd- CSE advise urgently

Unknown said...

@Nikki Jain After seeing the "Urgent" tag-

The first step. What things interests her the most?

Civil is highly unlikely her interest. Following the philosophy of studying the things that interest one the most, IIT is highly unlikely.

BITS Pilani and IIIT - Hyderabad are awesome colleges(researched thoroughly).

If she has always loved her computer classes or if she was always curious to know more about computers(or she just used to like to be the first one to write the programme given by the teacher or she liked to find out yet another better way to solve the program given to her), IIIT - H is the best bet. IIIT - H is an awesome place to study if one is really into CS(Faculty-check; Facilities(Research centers and stuff)-check; Coding culture-check; Geeky(By geeky, I mean a person who are really into CS) batchmates- check; nice placements - check).

I don't know about E & I. Therefore, I will not mention my thoughts regarding it.(Since they could be wrong so...)

I think Sir will also advise preferring the streams rather than colleges.

Maybe today's night(or morning) could be spend going through the past experiences and events.(They sometimes helps you to know what you always wanted to do or study).

So it's Civil v/s E&I v/s CS.
What does she would like to study for most of her life if no other restrictions are applied(It means NOT thinking about college brand, career, the median salary)?
What she would like to study for her own pleasure?

Unknown said...

Sir my jee advanced rank is 4865 bitsat rank is 316 and mains rank is 7028. I am interested in cs. Should I join iiit bangalore or bits goa maths+cs or ism maths and computing.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Nikki, how do I compare Civil in one institute with CSE in the other. It really has to be driven by her interest.

@Shobhit, I don't know. I am only familiar with BITS Goa, and that is a good option. IIITB has a pure CS program. So if you are interested in CS and not so much interested in Maths, that would be a good choice. But they are a 5-year integrated program. I like integrated programs in one sense, that is, you don't have to worry about GATE, MTech admission, etc., and you save one year. But on the other hand, committing to do research when you really don't know enough about the discipline is a problem. BITS Goa CS faculty is pretty decent, and I like BITS anyway for their focus on education. But this too is a 5-year program with perhaps topics that you may not enjoy. I have pretty little awareness about ISM.

Vikram said...

Things would be easier to decide for parents if the IITs and other universities published average wealth statistics for their alumni across various departments, 15-25 years after they graduated.

Most likely, this kind of data will demolish the whole department - 'life setting' correlation our society has internalized, due to government jobs dominating our imagination for the bulk of our history.

Then the field will open up for discussing the factors that actually lead to successful careers, deep interest, ability to form and maintain networks etc.

Vikram said...

"What does she would like to study for most of her life if no other restrictions are applied(It means NOT thinking about college brand, career, the median salary)?
What she would like to study for her own pleasure?"

Is it reasonable to expect 17-18 year old kinds to be able to answer such questions ? I just dont think its possible to know.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Vikram, First, it is extremely difficult to get the data of wealth generated by people in 15-25 years. But yes, if such a data was available, it would really demolish various myths about what makes one succeed.

Today, it is not reasonable to expect a 17-18 year old to know all answers. As I said in the blog, you spend at least 2 years not knowing about any movie even. However, it is not a game of 0 or 1. Many students do have preferences and have reasons for those preferences. A lot of parents would simply ignore any such inputs from their wards even in cases where the perceived return on investment on bringing up the kid would be only marginally different from what they think is the best option.

Vikram said...

Dr. Sanghi, I agree that such a project is not easy. But the payoffs of creating such knowledge are immense.

I think the fact that the IIT alumni base is not extremely large, and that the IITs and many alumni maintain a close association can make such an exercise easier.

Starting your presentation to parents with such a slide, would give them a lot more reason to heed the good advice you will give them later on.

Unknown said...

Respected Dr Sanghi, I have been following your blog for a few months now, and must admit that I am a huge fan of your clear thought process. My son is seeking admission to engineering this year. His mains rank - 3898 and BITSAT score 372. His options are IIIT Allahabad IT, Punjab Engineering College CSE, BITS Goa CS. We are from Chandigarh.

Would greatly appreciate and be thankful, if you could evaluate the above options and guide us please . Best regards Manish Verma

Unknown said...

Sir,I have always found maths interesting and scored more in maths in all exams. Is mathematics in dual degrees going to be different from what I studied till now? Also for a good start in my career or doing ms after graduation, would cs in bit mesra, imtech cse bangalore or bits goa mathematics + cs be better?

sahilag said...

respected sir
I am sahil I got 495 rank
hoping to get roorkee CS seeing last year cutoff 540 I hoped to fget it and hav convinced my mind for that earlier preferring Kanpur EE
but I took many opionions and hence opted roorkee CS

now things changed
I got Kanpur EE
roorkee CS round 1 462
round2 482 round 3 482
can I still get roorkee CS

Unknown said...

@ Dr DHIRAG SANGHI,Pls guide whether my son should join IISC UG,IIT BHU Metallurgy or IIIT Delhi CSE.He is in dilemma...

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Manish Verma, They are all good institutions. So you can't go wrong with any of them. If you have a geographic preference and want to be closer home, stay at PEC. If Geography is not important, you can choose between IIIT and BITS. I would have a small bias in favor of BITS since IIIT has had poor luck with its Directors. I was hoping that the current director would turn things around, but apparently he is leaving the institute soon.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Shobhit, College level maths would be different from school level maths. But if you loved maths at the school level, that is a strong indicator that you will like maths at the college level too. And if you really want to continue with your interest in Maths, the dual degree program in BITS offer you both Maths and CS.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Sahilag, wait till the next round. Your guess would be as good as anyone else's.

Dheeraj Sanghi said...

@Hemant, Comparison has to be with respect to some goals, some parameters. Otherwise, it is impossible to compare apples with oranges. Most important parameter could be his interest. If he is interested in science, IISc is obviously the best, and if he is interested in Computing, then equally obvious choice is IIIT-Delhi.

Unknown said...

Thanks you Dr Sanghi for responding to my query. May I request you to share your views on BITS Goa campus in specific, compared to BITS Pilani campus, please. Thank you!

Abhi said...

Respected Sir

I'm Abhishek Burnwal.

To be frank, I couldn't stop myself from laughing all the way from 1st to last question.! :D

Thanks for such enlightening(entertaining? ) posts at time.

P. S- You have an AWESOME sense of humour!


x said...

Respected Sir,

I've got 170 marks in jee mains and AIR 16876.
Should I go for ECE branch at LNMIIT?
I might get the lower nits.
So what should be preferred?

Thank you.