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Thursday, June 27, 2013

NIT Admission Issue in High Court

I have just received the following email from Mr. Neeraj Mehrotra.

We have challenged the normalisation procedure being adopted in JEE (Mains) 2013 in AP High Court, Hyderabad vide Writ Petition No. 18252 of 2013. The writ petition came for admission before Hon’ble Justice Ramesh Ranganathan today on 27 Jun 2013.

The hon’ble Court has admitted the writ petition and has directed the respondents viz. Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi, JEE Apex Board (JAB) Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi and the Executive Director,JEE (Main) New Delhi to file the counter affidavits within two weeks. The Hon’ble Court further directed that admissions to be made into NITs / CFTIs is subject to further orders in the writ petition and directed the respondents to intimate all admitted candidates that their admission is subject to further orders and final outcome of the writ petition pending before the High Court of AP. Sri Ponnam Ashok Goud, Asst Solicitor General, Hyderabad was present in the court and has taken the notices on behalf of the respondents.

He has requested JEE Mains authorities to not release the rank list till the final order is issued in this petition.

I am trying to get a copy of the exact order, but assuming that everything written above is correct interpretation of the order, then JEE Mains can go ahead with declaration of results/ranks, and NITs/CFTIs can go ahead with the counseling and the admission process. But there will be an uncertainty regarding whether they will finally get admission or not.

Two weeks to Government/CBSE/JEE means that they can submit the response by 11th July, and then the court will decide a date of hearing. This is a fairly complex issue, and hence the decision may not be immediate.

Note that the decision appears to be applicable to only NIT/CFTI admissions. Apparently the private universities can go ahead with the admission based on ranks issued by CBSE (if they ignore the request of the applicants and announce the ranks).

Indeed a very interesting development, but given the kind of reaction that the normalization process was getting, it was only to be expected. But how should students react to this (if everything is being correctly interpreted above).

If students have to chose between some NIT and another institute not affected by the court order, it would be preferred to not get into a zone of uncertainty, and choose other fine institutions. I would expect that this order would benefit places like ISM Dhanbad, BITS, IIIT Hyderabad/Delhi/Bangalore, DAIICT, LNMIIT very significantly, as students would rather take a guaranteed seat in these institutions than face the possibility that their admission may be cancelled at any time, or at least their department can be changed any time.

But an interesting development to follow. And expect updates on this page.

Update on 28th June, 07:00 PM.

The issue has been covered by the local Hyderabad media.

Here is the report in Deccan Chronicle and in Times of India, Hyderabad edition.


Mausami Kumar said...

Respected Sir. The whole Normalisation process needs a very very deep analysis. A 8.6 % Jee mains advantage ( higher marks of 31 ) gets completely offset by mere 4 % extra cbse marks in the higher percentage range. Linking percentile with boards students percentile marks in the Jee mains has totally disturbed the whole ranking process. When no studies are conducted this is what happens, respected Sir. India has always been ruled as 'Ram Bharose 'and 'andher nagari --- raja' rather than any logic and the Jee mains normalisation has once again proved it. Please Sir, do something . The authorities will never accept that there is any flaw in their system before the court authorities but in heart everyone knows what has actually happened. A favourable court judgement ( which in all likelyhood will favour the ministry ) should not be a ground to perpetuate the mistake to the coming years. The IITs were dead right in not accepting the common exams. At least their intake has not suffered . Sir we look forward to you to atleast stop this mess created by normalisation . Thanking you Sir.

CBSE normalisation said...


You are aware of the way in which CBSE has adapted a new method of normalisation in awarding ranks to the students who appeared for JEE (Mains)-2013 (which was previously called as AIEEE). You are also aware of the protests against this method, by students around India. I go so far to say that you are more acquaint-ant with the demerits of this new procedure of awarding ranks than any of those students who are protesting. But still, I would like to share what I think is the major fault the CBSE has done, in thinking that this new method will enhance the quality of NITs and other CFTIs.

In boards like AP, where scoring marks is very easy because of the lenient paper setting, even one mark cut (due to handwriting or presentation) could lead to fall in the percentile by a great proportion. The pattern of evaluating the board papers varies with each evaluator within one board, let alone 29 different boards all over India. So can the student do nothing but pray that his/her paper is in the hands of a reasonable paper evaluator? Should the luck play so much a role in deciding the the deserving nature of the candidate? How can they treat all the boards as equal when they are not? We understand the CBSE's urge to unite all the boards in India under one single Board. But this foul and faulty normalisation is not the right way of achieving that goal. They should have made it mandatory for all the students to write the XII class CBSE from this year. They could have ordered all the boards in India to get merged into CBSE. How can they play with the feelings (not fate) of thousands of students? Who was so crazy to propose this normalisation?

As for the argument at Delhi High Court, it was argued that in a couple of years, everyone will forget about this change and will figure out how to game the new system. This is preposterous. How is the concern of the quality of students in CFTIs not considered? The quality of the crowed is to be determined by the personality and the personal interests of the candidate, not competency in scoring good marks in board by mugging up the answers asn solutions (even in maths). Are students expected to forget this unjustifiable normalisation, the way many citizens of this country forget the evil and ill deeds of our politicians and vote them to power time and again? Is this going to be the state of India forever? It is hurting that the High Court of the country's capital is biased.

The new method of normalisation seems to be the brainchild of the intention that coaching for competitive exams in India must decrease. But on the contrary, it would lead way for more coaching classes, now even for board exams, in India. It is to be accepted that that this normalisation is faulty and flawed. The fact that the IITs have restrained themselves from admitting students through this method proves it. There has been change in the old method and there will be a change in this this new method also. 'Nothing is as permanent as change.'

I am a XII class pass out of 2012-13 academic year and I have appeared for the said JEE (Mains). But please do not tend to get mistaken by assuming that I have lost my rank because of normalisation and that I am feeling betrayed by CBSE for not announcing the normalisation method before the board exams. Even if that had been done, nothing could have changed because this method is faulty in itself. If at all it is continued for next year, many intelligent students will again loose out. Changing this formula of awarding ranks is but inevitable.

Sharad Hotha

haswanth10 said...

i belong to cbse board and secured 94% and 152 marks in jee rank is 22764 which when only mains marks were must be even worse.

having seen the views of students who got disadvantage with this system i gave a thought and have studied the normalisation procedure

i dont find any fault or fallacy in the normalisation procedure.the student who got a 75% in a particular board maybe equally intelligent as a student who scored some 95% in ther board.moreover the mapping done with jee main score is great in my view since the student who is very talented who doesnt take any coaching can have a great percentage in boards but not in mains.due to this system when the mapping is done these students gets a mains score which they would hav got when trained.this system is very gud to those students who cant afford coaching institutions but are hard working and brilliant.i dont say that students who take coaching are not intelligent are hard working.but i say that they neglect their boards and concentrate on mains.when it comes to ap board gaining marks in boards is very easy.i have seen my friends 95% and above with a preparation of 15 days before the exam.they ended up with big ranks since even that % is not so gud in ap this system wil definetly bring down the coaching institutions.

although i have seen students who scored 200+ marks and got a bad rank i support this new system since these people are from coaching institutes who train them from morning to night.but board toppers came out with their own hard work.ofcourse there maybe people who secured gud marks in mains without any coaching. we have seen many cases in iits and nits where students are failing who have done very well in their entrance exams.i feel this is due to the impact of coaching institutions on students.its because once the student gets out of it with an achievement takes the freedom offered in the college and dosent concentrate much on his studies.whereas this wont be the case with board toppers since they always study with freedom and so knows to manage i strongly support this system of ranking.and this is not just i hav got an advantage of it.

Sharad said...

Your comment seems to be biased, I am sorry. You donot seem to understand the situation. On what basis do you say that a student getting 75% in one board is equally intelligent as the one getting 95% in another? I see no sense in your view. Do you think that a student getting higher marks in boards due to good handwriting is more deserving than an intelligent student with bad handwriting? Now please don't say that handwriting should also be improved. It has nothing to do in deciding a candidate's deserving nature to receive technical education.

As for your friend form AP board, who got 95% with 15 days of preparation, yes getting good marks in AP is easy and hence the competition is extremely more when compared to other boards. Hence, by this new method, the coaching classes will make more money by putting more pressure on students and make them score even more which brings down the percentile of very good score like 93% to 80. So you call this an initiative to curb the raise of coaching classes? The contrary seems to be true.

I totally agree with Prof. dheeraj Sanghi, that 40% weight-age must have 40% impact. But the board makes seem to have even more impact on the final rank. Suppose a student gets a percentile as good as 96. Even after getting 96 percentile, his B component will be no more than 140 (out of 360). You call this justice? Why is a student blamed for his low percentile even he scored very very well in his boards? Why is he blamed for the low JEE (Mains) score of another student who happens to be his equavelent in JEE (Mains)?

I have nothing against those who worked hard, with or without the help of coaching classes, in either board exams or JEE (Mains). It is not bad to introduce the board marks in rank calculations. But this equating of board percentile with its JEE (Mains) counterpart is preposterous. Playing with the feelings (not fate) of many aspiring students is not the right way of reducing the coaching classes. If the government doesn't want them, then let them regularise or ban them. Let everyone in India compete with each other on the same ground, i.e. without any coaching classes. It also seems fair.

Don't mistake me as biased. I know that you have worked very hard in getting 94% in your CBSE boards and 153 in JEE (Mains). Many hardworking students like you might have been benefitted but many more undeserving were given unimaginable ranks. Say, a student getting 85% in Rajasthan and 143 in Mains got 8000 rank and she is thinking whether to take NITs or not for her mind was set that she couldn't get anything good for what her scores are. Wish you all the best.