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Sunday, July 24, 2011

IISERs Await Legal Sanction to Award Degrees

In the past I have written about new IITs not having legal sanction to award degrees. But recently, I came across a news item that IISERs are in worse situation. Two of them were started in 2006, and the first batch has completed five years of stay, and the academic curriculum that was told to them. They were promised a degree, which was illegal. No one can promise a degree without having the authority to award the degrees. IISERs did not have that authority. People trusted the two Directors. After all, they were appointed by the Central Government. The Government had promised funding and was indeed providing money. So the fact that they were doing something illegal was ignored. It was just a technicality that would be taken care of soon.

But "soon" turned into weeks, months, and indeed years. And now after the first batch of students have completed their curriculum, that technicality hasn't been taken care of yet. So they cannot have a convocation and they cannot receive a degree. Without a recognized degree, the students' careers can be in serious trouble. Would there be a Tandon committee equivalent to investigate this.

In the meanwhile, government has started 3 more IISERs, 8 more IITs, and several more NITs, etc., all without the parliament conferring the right to award degrees to these institutions.

Just imagine what would happen if some private person puts an advertisement in the newspaper saying that s/he is starting a college which will give degrees.

UGC has strictly told all deemed universities and those who want to become deemed universities that they can give degrees to only those students who are ADMITTED AFTER they were conferred the right to award degrees. But such rules are implemented selectively and who is the promoter matters. If the government has a stake, then rules are mere technicalities.

I hope Parliament will pass all appropriate bills to grant university status to all new IISERs, IITs, NITs, and others, in the monsoon session which is starting in a week.


Prashant Shrama said...

GOI is "waiting" to get passed NIT Amendment Act Bill, 2010.

For sure, our Honorable ministers didn't took that much time in getting their salary hiked!

L said...

Admissions to PhD programs in India and abroad would be done by now. Anyone with admission a PhD program will then forfeit apalling!!Reminds me of the year when the AIIMS could not give degrees to their graduands since the minister (Ramdoss) was too busy to sign them!

Welfare said...

I think that students should take up seriously in this matters.

The first batch of IISER pune has started an interesting blog

MHRD is answerable.